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Adult Placement Services

Hand In Hand offers comprehensive adult placement services that are customized to your family's particular needs and specifications.  All of our services are offered at NO COST to the family.  We provide:


  • A professional assessment of the client's needs at their home

  • A comprehensive placement match of communities that are best suited for our client

  • A complete tour of each facility with the client

  • Follow-ups with the client, family, and the community

  • 24-hour availability to answer any and all questions and concerns



Flip through our step-by-step guide to learn more about our senior placement process!


Hand In Hand understands that one of the most important tools we can offer families is education.  Our placement coordinators are highly experienced in the caregiving industry and are therefore able to offer a wealth of knowledge and tools to our clients.  Guidance through education empowers each family to be able to make informed decisions in regards to their loved ones needs.  


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